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Posts by Prashant Arbat

security technology

Bank’s Common Cyber Security Threats and Safeguards

Much of a bank or financial institution’s operations take place with the use of technology, including through the Internet. According...


‘Technology Vision for Cyber Security’ for Urban Co-operative Banks – 2020-2023

On September 24, 2020 Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released “Technology Vision for Cyber Security for Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) –...

cyber security

Why Cybersecurity is important at the present era?

We are living in a digital world – it’s evident that all businesses are transforming digitally from personal to commercial...

consultancy services

Why do you need an IT Consultancy services firm for your business?

Establishing your own company takes a lot of effort and time – aside from that, you also need to maintain...

Windows Fixed

Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

Start Button is not working How to Fix Windows Start Menu if Not Working Windows 10 Start Button frozen Windows...