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Special Offer

Service and clean your laptop only in ₹ 501/-

1. Open laptop and disassemble all spears

2. Clean heat shrink dust and rust

Before servicing
– Blocked exos air
– Cooling Pest is dry
– Fan is jam

m1 m2

After servicing
– Air exos properly
– Cooling pest installed
– Fan working proper

m3 m4

Benefits – Properly Transfer heat from processor to cooling fan Reduce tremendous heat

3. Remove old processor cooling paste and new insert

Before servicing
– Cooling pest is totally dry 


After servicing
– Added new pest 


Benefits – Increase processor life – Avoid shorting processor

4. Clean motherboard dust and rust

Before servicing
– Motherboard is dusty
– Components rusty 


After servicing
– Motherboard is clean
– Components are rust free 


Benefits – Increase processor life – Reduces future heavy expenses on motherboard repair


5. Clean DVD writer lens and tray


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