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Virtual IT Manager

IT ManagerHaving an on-site full-time dedicated IT manager is in-fact a misnomer. The fact is that an IT manager will require holidays, training and sickness time away from the business. It’s also worth bearing in mind that whilst this person will no doubt be skilled, this is often only in one area. Even if a full time IT Manager is not practical there’s no need for that to hold back your growth with outdated processes.

The Virtual IT Manager Service offers you more but costs less

This service combines a number of standalone services jointly offering; traditional break-fix support, automating day to day processes, monitoring the critical components round the clock, providing notification of issues before they have an impact on the business, including the basis of disaster recovery, providing a clear view of all software and all hardware across your estate, covering pre-planned project work and providing historical reporting to allow you to understand and plan the development of IT within your business.

More than just a substitute for an IT director, our virtual IT director has the benefit of seeing first hand all kinds of strategies across multiple businesses. And that broad experience, both positive and negative, ensures that you get the kind of insight that you wouldn’t be able to get from a person locked into a single company and stay ahead of your competition.

The role of a virtual IT Manager


The on demand nature of a virtual IT Manager means that our talents can be applied to your most pressing challenges. This can range from broader tasks like aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy, or finding efficiencies in your current IT practices to more specific tasks like setting up remote working or smart offices.

  • Help develop and execute the business IT strategy
  • Help to drive more value from your IT investment
  • Develop IT budgets and operating models
  • Board level reporting and regular MI updates
  • Evaluate suppliers and contracts


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