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Proxmox Virtual Environment, a complete open-source server virtualization platform, has become an alternative to virtualization products like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VM or Citrix XenServer.

Apart from Proxmox, MICRON INFOCOM can easily implement Xen, VMware, Proxmox, Hyper-V, XCP-NG, REHV etc.,


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Proxmox VE is the leading open-source platform for all-inclusive enterprise virtualization. With the central built-in web interface you can easily run Windows VMs, Linux VMs and Linux containers, manage software-defined storage and networking functionality, high-availability clustering, and multiple integrated out-of-the-box tools like backup/restore, live migration, replication, the firewall and disaster recovery. Enterprises use the powerful yet easy-to-manage all-in-one solution Proxmox VE to meet the core requirements—less complexity, more elasticity— of today’s modern data centers ensuring to stay adaptable for future growth thanks to the flexible, modular and open architecture.

The enterprise-class features and the intuitive web interface are designed to help you increase the use of your existing resources and reduce hardware cost and administrating time.

Checkout Proxmox VE Features for more details.

Proxmox is an open-source server virtual environment that has many features including high availability.  Proxmox VE has an easy to use Web GUI based configuration for IT Admins.  In April 2008 first Proxmox VE released to public use. At present Proxmox is popular for server virtualization in enterprises.

The potential impact of the Proxmox is that companies will no longer need to rely on different compute and storage systems. It is likely to further simplify management and increase resource-utilization rates where it does apply.

Success Stories:

  • Proxmox (KVM and Container Technology): Proxmox with the innovative technology of combining KVM and Containers has been implemented to The Agrasen Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd, Akola.
  • RedHat Virtualization (RHEV) – again KVM technology has been implemented in a Company(company name confidential)
  • VMware – has been implemented to many SME & Enterprise Customers
  • Xen Server – Xen Server has also been implemented for many SME & Enterprise Customers (All the Public Clouds are in Xen Hypervisor including Amazon Web Services)
  • Docker: Latest Container Technology – We are capable of implementing Container Technologies like Docker & LxC

MICRON INFOCOM provide advanced support for  planning, deployment, implementation to customers on top of license/support subscriptions be it local or remote.  Proxmox VE is a great technology investment, which offer peace of mind for IT team & management with a very competitive pricing.


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