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Why Cybersecurity is important at the present era?

Cyber SecurityWe are living in a digital world – it’s evident that all businesses are transforming digitally from personal to commercial organizations. Moreover, protection of these networks is crucial, that is why cybersecurity in India and all the other countries are heightened and emphasized to a maximum level.

The Risks of Poor Cyber Security

In the digital world, all the information cannot be guaranteed to be safe nowadays. Cyber-attacks can happen anytime and anywhere in the industry. There are a lot of hackers that target small and even big businesses – the ones with poor security set up.

Oftentimes, the leaked information is the identity of the people inside the business like the employees and the owners themselves. When this happens, it’ll stain the reputation and brand image of the companies.

Common Threat Actors

There are many people involve in taking advantage of poor security of businesses and organizations. You may even wonder who are behind these cyber-attacks. Here are the common ‘threat actors’ who exploits cyber-attacks:

Nation States – they are the ones who launch cyber-attacks to other countries.
Cybercriminals – these people disrupt the systems and steal information for the sake of profit.
Cyber Terrorists – one of the less common threat actors but they are emerging nowadays.
Hackers – some of these threat actors are professionals but has intensive knowledge about hacking as well.
Hacktivists – these threat actors are motivated by politics and societal grounds. If you are familiar with the group, ‘Anonymous’, they are the perfect example of hacktivists.

The Actions You Need for Better Cyber Security

It’s no surprise that attaining smart business solutions in the India are now the priority of businesses and organizations. Some are even opting for IT solution providers in India to give them solutions regarding this. More and more people are looking for effective cyber defense stratagems.
You must have anti-virus software, to build a strong firewall to hinder cyber-attacks. It’s also crucial for you and your employees to comply with training so that you will know what to do whenever cyber-attacks occur. Make sure that your security system is in place, like a two-factor authentication for extra security.

Additionally, you should also have a strong and clean infrastructure and have a strong CIO or CTO in your team that can supervise you in determining these threats and attacks. If you are small and mid-sized organization you can opt for our IT Consultancy services like Virtual IT Manager or Virtual CISO (vCISO).


Cybersecurity is one of the most important issues of today and breaches will only be avoided if one knows how to prevent and act on it. As a business or an organization, it’s advisable for you to know the best solutions that you can do if ever cyber-attacks occur in your network.